Wednesday, May 20, 2015

When there is nice people on Earth

I'm extremly happy with three lovely ladies will sent sock yarn to me , I can't believe how lovely they are , and finally what I was doing in my whole life is reterned to me now , thanks god .
I have been nice and generous person my whole life , since I was four years old and taken care of my younger twins for 20 years , and helping friends and family and strange people ( don't mean to brags ) but I never get anything back , always get harm from people and always people said that I'm naive and stupid and people take advantage of this, And didn't mind that until two years ago , and I start not let any one get advantage me .

Now I get pay back , and can't stop crying from happenes , I'm so happy 
Thankd ladies : lauralie Haikin , Anne Grieve and Danialle Nabozny  
Thanks so much for your gifts 
Got bless you 

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