Thursday, September 1, 2016

My actually first sweater

Hello everyone,  first I'm so sorry I know I haven't been written for long time,
All this time I wasn't knit a lot,  usually socks with slow process due to my hands pain, 
I have decided to start ketogenic diet so I can treat my nerves pain symptoms,
I'm having flu right now so I'll start keto after getting better
Now the important thing is that I have started my first decent sweater,  I had knitted three sweaters before
1: the first one was way before I understand how sweater fit and before my understanding of body measurement terms in English,  I write the pattern by myself and it was disaster,  too big cardigan with half sleeves (coz I ran out of yarn and keeped searching for it for three years after I knit it),  I was determined that I knit it all in one piece although I didn't have circle needles,  so I used 4 straight needles to knit it,  3 needles hold the stitches and 1 working needle  I know that was the stupid thing to do but I followed very bink knits video (without buying the pattern that knitted with much thinner yarn) 
This sweater was the beginning of my nerves pain,  it was too heavy on my hands and I couldn't see the brown yarn well so my neck was laying down all the time,  it's not good story,  never wearing it.
2: my second sweater also was my pattern,  simple drop shoulder sweater,  it acrylic  (before I understand the difference between yarns)  size was just fit in,  while it supposed to be with much more positive east, I had wear it couple times outside,  and now only wear it at home.
3: my third sweater was for my father,  body was good,  sleeves are too wide so I sew it and it was my first successful sweater I knit also by my pattern,  never sew the buttons in it, he told me that he want to choose the buttons by himself, I gived it to my father at my wedding day with a big kiss and thank you,  don't know if he had wearing it or not,  but I'm happy,  it takes my four years to finish it(again I ran out of yarn )
Now my first decent sweater it also my my writing instructions but it Karen Templer instructions
I can't be thankful more for her,  I'm so happy my the sweater progress till now,  my measurement it excellent and I'm about to finish the yoke now,  I pray that it came out nice
But the shocking thing is that I have found 100% wool yarn in Egypt  I almost can't believe it till now,  I went to a store never been before and asked the man there about a yarn that have the higher % of wool,  he said 100% wool??  I told him : yes if you have,  he gave me Himalayan Efsun yarn,  once I touch it I couldn't believe the label,  100% wool!!  Are you sure??  He said yes,  how much you have?  And colors??  I couldn't believe so I searched on ravelry and boom I found it ,  it’s so rough but still love it,  I'll go next month to buy as much as I can from the new stock he will have, while finally I have some money, I'm so happy  .

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