Friday, December 12, 2014

Never stopped knitting

Since I was 8 years old, I learned crochet, and had been tried to improve my skilles for almost 10 years, crochet from time to time, can't remember any done project except one stripes small bag I had to give it away because it was too small for me.
But since I start to learn knitting and found those hug mount of videos online that helped my a lot , I never stopped .
If course I stoppen a couble times when my cervecal spindelosis began, but otherwise I knit all the time.
 Some how it gives joy , between house and work, it is what makes me wake up at morrning.
Yes I have good days with my husband, good and bad days on work, I love drowing patterns, but knitting is what makes me happy, active, joy, creations, new things.
Every pattern is different ,unique,special, with lots of possibilities , where you can find that?! 
Its knitting and knitting and more knitting
My lovely knit

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